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West Skincare Review: Routine For The Wild Ones

West Skincare offers skin care products geared towards people that like to be outdoors and stay active. As an avid climber, hiker, runner, and paddler — I was really excited to try out their products and see if they could keep up with my wild lifestyle.

Spoilers: They definitely did.

Whether you’re out in the woods, out for a jog, or even fresh out of the office — West Skincare has products that can wipe away the grime from your busy day while providing active recovery for the days ahead.

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West Skincare Review

Their face cleanser is vegan, packed with natural plant extracts, and is cruelty-free. It has a consistency similar to aloe, but washed off easily with water. It also worked perfectly for cleaning up after working out or coming home from work or school.

I will say it works best when paired with either their moisturizer or recovery cream to help keep your skin from drying out later on.

It’s also pretty gender neutral as it has virtually no fragrance. If you’re not into the stereotypically musky scents in your men’s skin care routine, West Skincare does an amazing job at focusing on the ingredients and efficiency of their products, rather than branding their own scent.

Facial Scrub

West Skincare Review

The facial scrub came in really handy after an especially long day on the trails or on the water.

I came back from a run followed by some stand-up paddleboarding and felt pretty gross, even after showering. Their scrub is a step up from their cleanser and has Volcanic microcrystal exfoliants to help remove dirt and dead skin cells that build up over time.

It’s charcoal in color, and has a pleasant, earthy scent. It washes off easily and also left my skin feeling extremely soft and clean afterward. There was absolutely zero irritation despite the exfoliants, and I finally felt like I had gotten all of the sweat and dirt out of my pores…maybe even my soul.

Facial Moisturizer

West Skincare Review

This stuff paired really well with their cleanser and scrub. I didn’t really use it on its own unless I was going to bed, but I absolutely loved using it after washing my face.

Their moisturizer isn’t thick, it goes on smooth, and doesn’t take long at all to dry. There’s no oily residue after use, so it doesn’t make your skin look shiny either. I especially loved that it was safe to use around the eyes, which did make me feel a little more recovered in the morning.

The best part was that after using the cleanser, their moisturizer restores liposomes in the skin so that it doesn’t dry out — all while still getting that deep-clean feeling that we’re all looking for after a long day.

Recovery Cream

West Skincare Review

Think of this as their moisturizer on steroids — West Skincare’s recovery cream works wonders with helping your skin bounce back, stay healthy, and even slow down signs of aging.

It can be put around the eyes and also on your eyelids, which helped reduce puffiness and bags under my eyes before getting to my morning coffee.

This bad boy was my staple after climbing and hiking. Outdoor elements tend to take a toll on our skin, and this recovery cream does a phenomenal job at restoring oils and important vitamins and minerals needed for skin to stay healthy and happy.

Facial Mask

West Skincare Review

I had a blast using their facial mask. After a long week of work, bouldering, and running — I took some time for myself over the weekend and decided to wash up and try to get refreshed for the Monday ahead.

Their facial mask is a mix of activated coconut charcoal, black mud, and sunflower oils, making it a powerful detoxifier and vitamin replenisher.

I really loved that it didn’t take forever to wash off, and didn’t leave my skin red or irritated from the charcoal. It has a mild rosewood fragrance, and made my skin feel hydrated and healthy. Their facial mask was probably my favorite product, and paired well with a glass of whiskey and a good book.

Off the Beaten Path, On Point

West Skincare Review

Overall, I was extremely impressed with West Skincare’s products. Their cleanser and moisturizer do well for average daily use, but I really enjoyed using their scrub, recovery cream, and mask after an especially trying day.

There’s no bad product in their arsenal, it just comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in a cleanser and moisturizer.

If you’re looking for a skin care routine that protects your skin from the elements and adventures ahead, West Skincare can help you navigate your way to healthier, happier skin.