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Frequent Flyers, What’s in Your Travel Toiletry Bag?

Despite all the undeniable benefits of travel, do it often enough and it can take a toll on your body and especially your skin. A little extra care during and after your flights goes a long way to make you feel more comfortable and arrive looking alert (or at least less exhausted). This month has made me feel like I’m living in airports so I was curious how I could upgrade my travel toiletry kit.

I asked Dr Sonam Yadav, MD of Juverne for his top tips for guys constantly on the go, I suggest that my patients do the following to beat the stress of frequent travel and erratic hours and keep looking their best:

1. Wear sunscreen on the plane too. Not only is the sun stronger and more direct at higher altitudes but indoor lighting can cause faster aging too. Extra points for layering an antioxidant vitamin C serum underneath (anti-aging and fights patchy pigment). Hydrating formulae double up as moisturizers to beat the dehydration from air conditioning and pressure change. 

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2. Stay hydrated and go easy on caffeine and alcohol. Try to catch some winks on the plane to arrive fresh.

Next I asked other frequent flying men for their best travel products go-tos.

Frequent Flyers

NFL Veteran / Entrepreneur

I am constantly traveling, running from meeting to meeting, and looking for ways to freshen up on the go. That’s why I keep a ShowerPill Body Wipe on me at all times individually wrapped and compact, this bad boy removes dirt, sweat and body odor. It’s a lifesaver for when there’s no time or access to a shower.

Justin Forsett, 9-year NFL Veteran/ Entrepreneur Follow on Twitter | Instagram  

Frequent Flyers

Alt/Rock Band

By far, our favorite travel grooming essential is Sea Spray by VERB. It helps Dimitri’s curly hair to stay moisturized, while he is head-banging on stage. On a serious note, it feels great and does an excellent job. Fun fact: it’s also cruelty free, which we back!

Alternative/Rock band FAULKNER Follow on Instagram

Frequent Flyers
Frequent Flyers

Travel Photographer

Because I am on planes a lot, I always have my carry-on stuffed with plenty of grooming items to help keep my face and hands moist and also provide refreshment when needed. 

Hand Cream: Neutrogena Always in my carry on, nourishes and moisturizes my skin and also it’s fast-absorbing, so I don’t have to wait a long time before I can grab my phone or type on my laptop while between flights or on a plane. 

For those long waits between flights or if I ever land and go to an event venue directly, I always carry with me a shower kit, fully stocked with shampoo, toothbrush and paste, hair wax and a bit of moisturizer cream for my under-the-eyes area, to provide fresh look and feeling after that long flight.

Val Vesa, Social Media & Travel PhotographerFollow on Instagram

Frequent Flyers

Hair Stylist

I travel regularly between my salon in Nova Scotia and my salon in NYC. The most important grooming essential is OBAGI VITAMIN C SERUM. This product instantly hydrates, nourishes and restores skin, leaving a very natural glow. Air travel is hard on the skin. This product combats the negative effects and leaves you looking even younger than when you got on the plane. When traveling for business, look your best. This miracle allows you to do so.

Fred Connors, Hair Stylist Follow on Instagram

Frequent Flyers
Frequent Flyers
Frequent Flyers

Image Consultant

As a guy who is always sampling new products to recommend, there’s a lot that I could bring with me when I travel. However, for the past year or two, I’ve tried my hand at being more of a minimalist. I wanted to stop stuffing the dopp bag with stuff I had brought with me “just in case.”

I normally don’t do extended travel, just a couple days usually, so there is no need for an extensive skincare regimen. Just the essentials to get me through the trip. Here is what I like right now…

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. Just a general face wash to keep things fresh.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-puffer. Jet lag and late night fun will show itself on your face the next day. The de-puffer is a fresh pick-me-up that makes you look like you are well-rested.

Brickell Facial Moisturizer. I’ve just started using this. I like the ingredients and it gives me a nicer matte finish to my skin.

Peppermint Oil. The best way to energize yourself after a flight or in the morning. I just put a bit of this under my nose and I’m good to go. I also add a bit to my lips. It naturally makes them look a little fuller and feels great.

Travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Whenever I’m at the dentist, I ask them for that nice, little doggy bag they give you with all the mini floss and toothpaste and the plastic toothbrush. These are the perfect size to travel. I also don’t have to worry about bringing along my bigger, more-expensive electric toothbrush.

Patrick Kenger, Pivot Image Follow on Twitter

Baxter of California Deluxe Travel Kit

Frequent Flyers
Frequent Flyers

Professional Traveller

The great thing about being a guy is that we don’t need a lot of grooming products. My essentials are travel size shaving cream or a travel shaving kit since my wife likes me clean shaven. Other than that, I really only need deodorant, toothpaste, a toothbrush and a comb. Hotels, especially luxury hotels like we often stay in, provide great toiletries. I steal everything else from my wife. Don’t tell her, but I like her L’Occitane shampoo and I may just use it since she always travels with refillable travel containers of her favorite everyday products.

Tim Davis,  Luxe Adventure Traveler Follow on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Frequent Flyers
Frequent Flyers


As a salesman who’s on the road all the time, I often have to put myself together after long road trips. Two products I rely on are both from Menaji Advanced Men’s Skincare. Their Clear Shave 3-in-1 shave gel requires no water; so I can literally use it when I’m in the car to get rid of unwanted facial hair quickly. Also really like their Menaji 911 Eye Gel which cools the eye area and has me looking refreshed when I’m exhausted. I like and depend on these two grooming products” they’re always in my dopp kit.

Adam Finkelstein, BeautyRepDirect LLC

Frequent Flyers

Managing Director

I really love a few pieces from Bevel starter system that includes the facial lotion, shaving oil, shave gel, and the razor. The razor is a safety razor so can travel on the plane and if you run out of blades can easily find them anywhere in the world for cheap. 

Brandon Dudley, Managing Director, The BusBank

Frequent Flyers


My men’s grooming essentials for travel: Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm and a William Bounds Traveler Pepper Mill. My two greatest challenges while traveling is dry air, hence the Burt’s Bees, and stale, inconsequential pepper in planes and restaurants.

Ralf Augstroze, Pensmore

Frequent Flyers


As an avid traveler, I like to explore places that are totally different than the U.S. With that, comes unpredictable weather. That’s why I never travel without Enzyme Ex-Cell by Pharmagel. It’s a gentle exfoliating scrub that helps keep my skin smooth and refreshed, which is vital whether I’m traveling to a dry desert or a humid, tropical forest. Available in travel size, I also use it as a pre-shave treatment, making my travel grooming kit lighter. 

Victor Trujillo, Writer

Frequent Flyers

Financial Blogger

As a frequent traveler, I appreciate traveling light. Rather than trim my standard Dopp kit down to the essentials before every trip, I keep a slimmed-down version of my kit in my attractive, well-made TOPO Designs Dopp Kit. It’s big enough to house everything I need while being small enough to prevent me from bringing anything unnecessary. 

Caden Rhoton, Dime Dad Follow on Instagram | Twitter 

Frequent Flyers

Salon Owner

I travel quite a bit for work, and one of my essential grooming tools is Andis MultiTrim Trimmer. My facial hair grows quickly, and I don’t always have time to sit in the barbershop every three days, so trimming on the go is a must. The MultiTrim gives me the freedom from a cord with all the power I need for any stubborn hair. The ability to safely reduce the size of my beard with the provided attachment combs and the close-cutting blade are my favorite features.

Kenny Duncan, Lead US Andis Company Educator and Salon Owner

As someone whose skin starts shriveling up the minute I hit the airport lobby, it’s great to read everyone’s travel-friendly hacks. Tuck these into your dopp kit for your next trip.