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Thinning Lips: Why Lips Thin & 4 Ways to Improve Them

Thinning Lips: Why Lips Thin & 4 Ways to Improve Them

Aging is a natural process of life and it happens to all of us! As we begin to get older, many of us begin to notice that our bodies begin to change, and this is simply a natural part of life that all of us experience sooner or later.

One of the most visible signs of aging is often in the lip area, as many people begin to notice that their lips aren’t as voluminous as they once were.

If you’re currently in this position and are wondering what you can do to help get back your youthful pout – then you’re in the right place, because this article is going to talk you through everything you need to know. Read on!

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Why Do Lips Thin?

Before we go any further, it’s important to keep in mind that lip thinning is an entirely natural and normal process that all of us will likely experience at some point in our lives – so there’s no reason to try and change them if you don’t want to.

Nevertheless, to help you gain a better understanding of why you’re lips might be thinning, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for lip thinning below:


So, even though this one will likely come as no surprise – we still think that it’s important to cover!

Deemed as being one of the main culprits of thinning genes, genetics play a huge factor in the overall plumpness and size of your lips, so it should only make sense to learn that they also play a huge role in determining whether or not your lips begin to thin.

Lifestyle choices

Another huge factor that can determine lip thinning is lifestyle factors.

Even though lifestyle factors can affect people in different ways, things such as smoking and biting our lips absentmindedly can cause our lips to begin thinning gradually over time – so try to avoid these types of things if you can.

It should also be noted that additional situational factors such as 

Naturally thin skin on the lips

Believe it or not, different parts of the body contain different levels of skin thickness, and places such as the lips and under-eye area generally tend to have far more delicate skin than other places of the body.

Combine that with the fact that our lips tend to take the brunt of a variety of different foods, pens (we’ve all chewed a pen at some point) as well as being regularly exposed to external factors such as the weather – our lips have to withstand a lot.

Due to this, it means that, out of all the areas of the body, the lips are one of the most likely to begin to thin as time goes on.

Sun damage

Even though we all make sure to apply sunscreen each day to our face, neck, and anywhere else that is going to be exposed to the sunshine – many people tend to find themselves accidentally overlooking their lips!

Even if you regularly wear lipstick or lip balm, if it doesn’t have any SPF protection in it, it’s likely that your lips will be exposed to the sun which could cause them to become damaged and, in turn, begin to thin.

For the best protection, we recommend that you wear a repairing and protective SPF balm such as the Aquaphor Lip Protectant and Sunscreen Ointment. 


Last but certainly not least, another main reason why both men and women experience lip thinning is simply due to the natural aging process.

As we have already mentioned above, lip thinning is an entirely natural and normal process to experience – and it often tends to affect all of us.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways that you can help to keep your lips looking plumped up and juicy no matter what your age might be – and we’re going to be talking you through them in our next section below.

How To Prevent Thinning Lips

1. Regularly Do Lip Masks And Our Nourishing Treatments

One simple yet extremely effective way of keeping your lips nice and plumped up is to make sure that you’re nourishing them with some much-needed TLC!

One of the best lip masks around right now is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which we’re sure that you might have already heard of.

A true cult favorite, the Laneige Sleeping Mask is your one-stop-shop for beautiful lips. It’s enriched with vitamin C, antioxidants, and a generous amount of hyaluronic acid, and will help to make sure that your lips stay supple and soft while you’re sleeping. 

In addition to this, another cult favorite, nourishing product that’s sure to keep your lips feeling beautifully plump and juicy is the ESPA Nourishing Lip Treatment.  

Featuring a sleek design, this treatment can be thrown into a workbag or gym bag for lip-reviving hydration on the go.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

If you want your lips to be as plump as they naturally can be, then you’d be making a good choice to make sure that you’re regularly exfoliating.

Regular exfoliation will help to keep dirt, debris, and dead skin cells off the surface of your lips, and in turn, help to keep them looking younger and healthier.

We recommend mixing together organic brown sugar with some honey to make a deliciously edible lip scrub.

Alongside exfoliation, you should also make sure that you’re cleansing your lips in the same way that you would your face.

At the end of the day, make sure that you’re cleansing your lips with an alcohol-free makeup remover such as the Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.

3. Consider cosmetic enhancement

If you want to try something else, then another way that you can help to plump up your lips is to get lip filler.

While this might not be for everyone, dermal fillers can help to add instant volume to your lips that can last upwards of 1 year, so it’s a great option to consider if you want something a little more permanent and want your lips to appear visibly enhanced.

Alternatively, if cosmetic enhancement isn’t for you – why don’t you try the NIOD Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate? This innovative, totally natural lip treatment is able to help improve the volume of your lips after just a few applications!

4. Take collagen supplements

By the time that we reach our mid-20s, our bodies begin to stop producing collagen – which is one of the key components to youthfulness.

A decrease in collagen can cause your lips to appear thinner and less voluminous than they once might have, so, to help counteract this – we recommend taking a collagen supplement each day to make sure that your body is still getting the optimum amount of collagen.