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SkinEscens Review: Simplified Skin Care with Science and Botanicals

If you’re looking to upgrade your skincare routine but don’t feel like complicating it with a dozen different products, SkinEscens offers a high-quality option by way of a decidedly minimalist approach.

SkinEscens Review

My Introduction to the Signature Set

“Simply Exceptional Skin Care†is SkinEscens’tagline, interpreted by a customer like myself as a promise to provide high-quality wares. In that regard, SkinEscens certainly looks the part. I’ve yet to encounter a product that appears so elegant while simultaneously doing so little, but I think that SkinEscens’ focus on simplicity might be the key to their success here.

Instead of the ostentatious presentation you often see with other skincare brands, SkinEscens opts for thick plastic bottles (which I mistook for glass at first glance) and easy-to-read sans-serif text. It was no-frills and went a long way with making a positive initial impact.

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“Alright,” I muttered aloud, “you guys impressed me without making it obvious you were trying to impress me…impressive.”

The SkinEscens line features four signature products:

1. SkinEscens Sensorial Botanical Cleanser contains blackcurrant, soya bean, apricot, wheat germ, and rosehip oils

2. Rejuvenating Facial Powder contains green tea, ginger, AHAs, vitamin B3, and shea butter

3. Intense Hydrating Gel contains Peruvian Vilca extract and a special blend of natural sugarsâ€

4. Age-Defying Serum contains African Bulbine frutescens, blackcurrant, rosehip oil, Jojoba oil, macadamia seed oil esters, squalene, shea butter, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7

SkinEscens also makes it quite clear what their skincare products do not contain, particularly parabens and isothiazolinone. After a brief round of internet sleuthing, I discovered that these were preservatives thought to be responsible for some allergic reactions, and, in the case of parabens, a potential for hormonal disruption and risk of breast cancer. Fair play to SkinEscens for not including those ingredients in their blends.

SkinEscens Review

Great, So How Does SkinEscens Work?

My usual skincare routine consists of only a small amount of non-scented lotion, so presented with four separate products, I was initially confused with where to begin.

Thankfully, SkinEscens comes with a brief guide explaining the appropriate order: start with the Sensorial Botanical Cleanser, then the Rejuvenating Facial Powder, followed by the Intense Hydrating Gel, and lastly the Age-Defying Serum. My experience with each is as follows.

SkinEscens Review

Step 1: SkinEscens Sensorial Botanical Cleanser

As the name suggests, this is a kind of skin cleanser that’s supposed to remove sebum and environmental pollution from the face. I put some of the oil onto my fingers, then massaged it into my face as instructed. It went on smooth and wasn’t greasy (one of my fears leading up to trying the cleanser). After removing it with a hand towel, my skin felt clean and supple.

The oil didn’t dry my skin out, nor did it cause any irritation. I had to touch my forehead a few times afterward to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, and sure enough, it was still feeling as smooth as I initially suspected. As for the scent, it reminded me of a soothing cup of blackcurrant tea — not too strong, and all-around pleasant.

SkinEscens Review

Step 2: Rejuvenating Facial Powder

Next up was the Rejuvenating Facial Powder. I took some of the tan exfoliant and mixed it with water as instructed. It turned into a light paste, reminiscent of wet grains of sand, which I rubbed against my face. I could feel a slight amount of friction — a, sure enough, sign the powder was polishing my skin as intended. Post-exfoliation, I could feel a subtle tingle, and my face was left feeling that much cleaner for it.

SkinEscens Review

Step 3: Intense Hydrating Gel

“Intense moisturizing solution for dehydrated skin” the Intense Hydrating Gel promises. While I wouldn’t consider my skin particularly dry, I also enjoy keeping it that way, so I applied some of the clear liquid to my face. It went on light and felt cool to the touch. As promised, the gel added that extra measure of moisture my skin was craving.

SkinEscens Review

Step 4: SkinEscens Age-Defying Serum | Clinically Proven, Restorative, Cruelty Free

The last step in the process, the SkinEscens Age-Defying Serum, provided an elegant ending to this simple skincare combo. Like the other products in SkinEscens’ line, it was as easy a process as applying some of the clear gel to my fingers. Rubbing it into my skin left my face feeling fresh as a spring breeze. The after scent is soft, almost floral, but not in-your-face-fruity (which I consider a nice touch).

SkinEscens Review

SkinEscens Signature Gift Set

All the products together in one kit, provides you with a complete SkinEscens experience at a slightly discounted price.

Pros & Cons

Though initially intimidating if you’re not used to performing any sort of skincare regimen, SkinEscens is about as straightforward as such products come.

The explanations for how all their ingredients, gels, liquids, and powders work are clear and precise. Combined with the minimalist presentation and the fact that their skincare line succeeds in leaving your skin feeling healthier,

SkinEscens is a strong recommendation for anyone who wants smoother, cleaner skin without the hassle of jumping through too many hoops.

Final Thoughts

One of my worries going in was that the gels might leave my skin feeling greasy and heavy. This was not the case at all. SkinEscens products were all light, silky-smooth, and left my face feeling soft to the touch.

In addition to the efficacy of their skincare solutions, I appreciate their approach of blending both science and botanicals. Rather than stay in one, they’ve taken the best from both schools with results that speak for themselves.

SkinEscens is simplicity and style all around — a perfect combination that has raised the bar on how easy skincare should be.

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