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RoC, the powerful anti-aging skin care product

RoC, the powerful anti-aging skin care product

RoC was created at the Roge Cavailles pharmacy in 1957 by Doctor Jean Charles Lissarrague. He believed in a more proactive, positive and pleasurable approach to beauty and so the RoC revolutionary line of skincare was created.

This man created the first ever hypoallergenic skincare range, SPF sunscreen and he was the first to discover the method of stabilising Retinol so that they could combine it with other antioxidants to make it possible for daily use.

For those of you who do not know the purpose of Retinol, it is the scientific name for Vitamin A. It helps with the unclogging of pores, boosts your Collagen production which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as speeds up cell turnover to even out discolouration and smooth the skin. This is one of the main ingredients in anti-ageing skincare products. We have Doctor Jean to thank for that.

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RoC pros

RoC products are not that expensive. You can find the product all over the world so you are able to go away and not have to worry if your products run out as you are able to go to a local store and buy the same product with the same quality.

RoC products do not only help with anti-ageing and protection against the sun but it also helps with sagging skin, dark circles under the eyes and skin damaged caused by the sun. It is hard to find a product house that focuses so much on anti-ageing and has a healthy reputation.

Due to the fact that the RoC products mainly deal with anti-ageing as well as the effects ageing has on the skin, you are able to get products that are result driven due to the fact that this brand focuses on it. I truly believe that when a range focuses on too many issues of the skin, some of their products tend to disappoint however, RoC does not disappoint. The products give great results that you will be happy with.

The retinol content of the products allow you to see visible results in a short amount of time. Once you see results, you will not want to use other anti-ageing ranges. Please keep in mind that Retinol does require constant use. This means that you need to use the products daily in order to get the best results possible.

RoC is a maintenance product range. It will not cure your skin conditions but it will help you to maintain it and look younger for longer. Please keep in mind that it is highly advised that you wear an SPF when using Retinol products so that your skin does not dry out or get skin damage.

RoC claims that with continued use of their products, you will look ten years younger. They also claim that RoC smoothes wrinkles up to 4 times better than other leading dermatologist procedures such as chemical peels. This is a big claim for a product house to make however, it can be backed up with thousands of very happy customers who use their products daily.

Dermatologists all over the world highly recommend their hypoallergenic range and their non-comedogenic range. These ranges are safe for people to use if they have sensitive skins which seem to react with almost everything as well as those skin types that are prone to Acne breakouts.

I love it when ranges get awards. This shows that not only does the customers love the products but the industry recognises how astonishing the range is and how well the range works on the skin. The RoC Retinol Deep Wrinkle Cream was awarded in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 the prestigious Allure Best of Beauty Award. These are remarkable awards and I have no doubt they will have a few more in the new future.

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RoC cons

The cons of this range is not about the product itself but it is how the products are used that is the issue.

Some of their products can only be used once a week for the first month and then slowly added into your daily routine due to the Retinol content. If you do not use Retinol in the correct way, you will end up damaging your skin instead of helping your skin.

Retinol is a very strong ingredient that your skin needs to get used to. If you do not introduce it slowly, you will never use a product that contains Retinol again. This can become annoying for people who do not have a lot of patience and wants the results now and a product that they can use every single day from the start.

I promise, if you introduce this range into your daily skin routine correctly, you will not regret the slower process. Please keep in mind that some of their products you can use straight away daily but some of their night creams you need to introduce. Ask a skin therapist for advice before you buy this range or read the instructions on the bottles carefully before applying it to your skin.


Overall, RoC products are one of the first for the industry and is still going strong. Their products are result driven and when used correctly, clients love the results and how amazing they feel in their skin. It might be a bit of a process in the beginning but once your skin gets used to the Retinol, you will fall in love with your skin on a daily basis.

I recommend RoC to my clients who have started to age already and want a product that will help maintain their skin and keep it healthy and looking younger for longer. Their reputation is well deserved and my clients love using their products and SPF products because it does not feel sticky or tight.