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Revoderm, The Ultimate Cosmeceutical Skin Care Line

Revoderm, The Ultimate Cosmeceutical Skin Care Line

Revoderm is a product house that was founded by Idilko Juhasz. Juhasz is a medical aesthetician and a former nurse. Having someone work in the medical field for so long seems like the right person to design products which are result driven and good for the skin.

Revoderm means Revolutionary Dermatology. This is a bold statement to stand by and shows that the company believes in the products which makes me believe in them as well.

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Revoderm pros

Revoderm is a line that is described as Cosmeceutical. This means that the creators pair medical grade ingredients with natural cosmetic ingredients. Their products contain some ingredients which are prescription strength such as Retinol but also contain natural ingredients which help these active ingredients penetrate the skin and release slowly.

This results in skin results that you can see and that you will enjoy. I love the fact that they have the best of both worlds which allows you to get the best results possible without damaging your skin or exposing it to harmful chemicals.

I love the fact that this product house has got a complete range. Revoderm covers the whole spectrum of skin conditions and that means that you will no longer have to mix and match your products to ensure that you are getting a full skincare routine that is best suited for your skin.“I’ve worked with most other lines and every product has its own benefits, but Revoderm covers the whole spectrum of skin conditions.”

Revoderm has been designed so that people can treat their skin conditions without having to have a prescription. Their aim is to treat skin conditions such as Acne, Sun damage, Pigmentation, Ageing and more. You will get clinical results when you use their products but you will not need to get a script.

This might scare people and make you feel like you can use the wrong products or not know which one to get but they have a client program whereby they help you step by step to choose the perfect products for your skin. You will not have to worry as you will not be able to buy without knowing which the best range is for you.

Money back guarantee! Do I need to say more to show you how much they believe in this product house? You are not only offered support when you buy the products but if you are not happy with it, they will give you your money back. It is not very often that a brand is willing to state that you will get your money back.

Skin reactions can occur with this brand just like with any other brand however, Revoderm deals with reactions differently to other brands. You can go into the Revoderm clinics and that will help you figure out what went wrong and why. They will guide you to the best products suited for your skin and you will walk out there feeling educated and more aware of your own skin and how your skin works.“If you have any reactions to the product you just come into the clinic. We want to help patients make the best choices for themselves, and help them know what to look for in skin care and to understand the ingredients. We want to give them all the tools to make their best choices.”- Revoderm CEO’s.

For those of you who have read my articles before will know how important it is to me for a brand to be aware of the environment and be humanely responsible. Revoderm products are never tested on animals and Juhasz says that she has chosen not to package the products in boxes in order to reduce packaging waste.

Check out the most recommended Revoderm products

Revoderm cons

The biggest problem with that brand is not the products themselves but is the cost of them. Due to the ingredients that is used in the products, this brand will cost you a bit more than other brands. This can become an issue for people who are on a tight budget and do not want to spend a lot of money on their skin.

Please keep in mind that if you do have a skin condition that can be treated with Revoderm, I do recommend that you think about the costs you will need to spend to get your skin under control if the condition gets worse. Sometimes it is better to spend the money now rather than spend more money at doctors and so on. Think carefully before you allow the cost of the product to turn you off the brand.

Revoderm is imported to a lot of countries around the world and due to exchange rate, the cost of the product can change yearly if not sooner. This can be annoying for people who are like me and like to have a fixed budget throughout the year. Non one wants to sit and have to redo their budget over and over again.

Revoderm is a brand that was created out of love for clients, skin and the overall wellbeing of people. It is a personal brand that wants to help you look after your skin and help you to feel comfortable and confident yet again.

I highly recommend this brand to people who suffer with skin conditions that they just cannot seem to get under control. Keep in mind this is not a cure but it is the closest thing to a cure for your skin that you will get.

Revoderm in the middle line between natural over the counter cosmetics and medical products that you need a script for. We are often looking for a step before medical procedures and this is the step that we have all been waiting for. Dermatologists recommend it, doctors recommend it, people in the beauty industry recommend it and after you try it, you will recommend it.