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Nécessaire Review: The Body Care Line That Made Lube Chic

When you think of skincare everyone thinks, face — right? Well while we were all thinking about how to keep our faces clear, Necessaire was thinking about the rest of the 90% of our body that we should be prioritizing as well.

Necessaire Review

Even some of the biggest skincare addicts forgot to give extra TLC to the body neck down. Guilty – until I found Necessaire.

Founded by former Into the Gloss editorial director Nick Axelrod and Estée Lauder alumni Randi Christiansen, the two created a body care line that takes priority over the often overlooked body areas.

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The line emphasizes the importance of self care way beyond the face with its small collection consisting of three products; a body wash, body lotion, and a very distinct and intriguing “sex gel”.

The Body Wash

Necessaire Review
Necessaire Review

The body wash like the other two products in the collection are fragrance free but available in Eucalyptus and sandalwood (my personal favorite).

The body wash excludes a lot of the ingredients you find in your typical body washes such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic dyes. In place of this, the brand swaps for a multivitamin and nutrient filled formula.

The Body Lotion

Necessaire Review
Necessaire Review

Necessaire body lotion is extremely light weight, goes on smoothly, and absorbs well into the skin.

Like the body wash, the lotion is also filled with a profusion of multivitamin components and the conditioning peptides gives you the perfect finishing post bath.

The Sex Gel

Necessaire Review
Necessaire Review

The hit product and probably the most interesting one that everyone is talking about from the collection is The Sex Gel. Described as a “water-based gel for moisture, glide, and comfort” is a more posh description for no other than lube.

The chicest lube on the market, the Necessaire sex gel follows the same properties of the other two products consisting of clean toxic free ingredients.

Necessaire Review

Necessaire has definitely broken way into the market and proven its place, letting us know it’s here to stay. This genderless body care brand focuses on pH optimization while still providing an aesthetically pleasing look that all of us skincare lovers crave in our packaging.

The line has definitely made a solidified spot on my beauty shelf and in my daily skincare routine.

Each product the body wash, body lotion, and sex gel from the Necessaire line is sold individually or in two kit options, Starter Kit and The Collection online at

Necessaire Review

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Necessaire Review

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