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How to Do a Simple 5 Minute Men’s Manicure

Do men really need manicures?

We’re putting the man back in manicure. Whether it’s everyday wear and tear, cold weather, manual work or working out, your hands can really taking a beating.

At the same time, your hands are one of the most visible and expressive parts of your body. Whether your shaking hands or holding hands, your hands say a lot about you. Cracked, dry hands, bleeding cuticles and ragged nails don’t exactly give the impression of confidence that you’re going for.

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That said, most men don’t exactly relish the thought of getting manicure at the salon. If you want three-step manicure for men. It’s a low-maintenance way to keep your hands looking and feeling healthy.

For best results, trim your nails right after a shower – that’s when they’re softest and easiest to cut. If you’re skipping the shower, instead soak your hands for a minute or two in a warm, sudsy bowl of water to start. Towel dry and you’re ready to start your manicure.

Nail Clippers a part of men's manicure set.
manicure scissors for men

Step 1: Trim Your Nails

Keep grit and grime out of your fingernails by using a nail brush and making sure you trim them regularly.

Every 2-3 weeks should do the trick, and use the white part of your nail as your guide. You want to cut them straight across so that there’s a slight white sliver still showing.

Use nail clippers or for ever more control, specialized manicure scissors. Avoid trying to make this initial trimming round with your finger, the nail should be jagged at the edges still (we’ll fix this in step 2).

Nail file for men
Nail file for men

Step 2: Shape Your Nails and Cuticles

After you cut your nails, you’ll be left with some sharp, uneven edges. Instead of trying to shape them by cutting them more, use a nail file  or emery board to smooth away the edges.

Always file in one direction, don’t just saw back and forth as this can cause your nail to tear.

hand cream for men, part of men's manicure
hand cream for men, part of men's manicure

Step 3: Moisturize Your Hands

​Finish things off with the right hand lotion. This will smooth over cracks and roughness in your hands.

Tip: if your hands are extra dry and cracking and nothing seems to help, try applying lotion right before you go to sleep, stick your hands in (clean) socks and emerge with butter-like hands the next morning.  

Check out Jack Black Industrial Hand Healer for great moisturizing at home or try L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream for a good on-the-go size lotion that will fit in your pocket.

manicure set for men

Zwilling J.A. Henckels 7-Piece Luxury Manicure Set

Jump start your hand care with a manicure kit that has all the tools togged you started. A high-quality manicure set can last a life-time if well cared for and make great gifts.

And, if all this seems like too much effort or your hands are in such bad shape you need a professional, do a search for manicurists in your area that specialize in men’s hands.

Some barbershops even offer manicure services, so you might not even have to step out of your comfort-zone to find a great manicure.

For important moments like interviews, big presentations, date nights or weddings, well-groomed hands are sure to make a positive and lasting impression.

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