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Lexli 30-Day Starter Kit Skincare Review

Whether you’re dealing with dry skin or breakouts, Lexli skincare harnesses the power of aloe vera to offer a healthy and effective skin treatment kit that will keep your skin healthy and refreshed all year round.

First Impression? Impressed.

One of the initial things I immediately loved about Lexli is that they have a skin care quiz on their site that helps you figure out what your skin type is. It’s free, takes less than two minutes, and is incredibly helpful for understanding what type of products would work best for you. 

The site itself is also resourceful, easy to navigate, and they have a lot of great deals going on during the cold season — perfect timing for patching up any dry spots.

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Lexli 30-Day Starter Kit

Lexli 30-Day Starter Skin Kit Breakdown

What’s in the box:

• Cleansing Lotion• AloeGlyC® Exfoliant• Day Moisturizer with SPF 15• Night Moisturizer• Tone and Balance

What makes this kit different from others is what these products are made with. They don’t use water for a base, which is almost unheard of. Instead, Lexli uses organic, pharmaceutical grade aloe as the first ingredient in every product in this kit — making these products small, yet mighty.

I was happy with the cleanser. It didn’t sting and didn’t smell like something you needed to mix with tonic — a problem I’ve come across with other cleansers or astringents. I loved that the day moisturizer actually had SPF 15 in it so that my skin had a little bit of protection, and I was also a big fan of the balance and toner. 

If you’re like me and get irritated skin after shaving, the tone and balance formula soothed my skin and actually helped the redness go down in time for me to look like I have my life together at work.

I was also really impressed that it could work for so many different occasions. For me it was taming razor burn, but it also works for those who want to take makeup off, or get it to set…which I didn’t even know was a thing, but it’s still amazing that it’s so versatile and can be used by pretty much anyone. 

Lexli 30-Day Starter Kit

The exfoliant was hands down one of my favorites. If you’re a visual person, you can actually see the darker green exfoliants in the lotion disappear when you scrub it into your skin. This just added an extra element of cleanliness for me when I was trying to wash off all the sins and grime off from a long day or night out.

The best part? Everything is travel size, which makes packing these bad boys simple for both you, and TSA. I also liked that I could try lots of different products without committing to a full-size bottle if I didn’t like it.

The Verdict

Love this kit. I was shocked by how much softer and cleaner my face felt. I love and appreciate the ingredients that they pack into their products and would definitely recommend them to a friend. 

Lexli does us all a solid by using natural ingredients that feel good to us because they are good to us, which is definitely a gift worth getting or giving.

Learn more on their site