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Lather Products Review for Men (Plus 15% Off Coupon!)

I got pretty excited last week because I saw my first leaf since winter hit. As much as I enjoy the little things in life, Spring means a lot of changes that I need to prepare for. Time to clean out the apartment, brace myself for my dog’s winter coat to shed off (all over the apartment I just cleaned,) and clean up my gnarly backwoods beard that kept my face warm during said winter.

As attached as I got to it, the warmer weather started making the lumberjack beard look a little out of p

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lace — not to mention itchy. I was given the opportunity to review Smooth Operator Skincare Solutions by Lather, and decided it was probably fate so why not shave it now?

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What’s in the Bag?

Lather Products Review

Before I even get into what comes in the kit, can we just talk about the fact that everything comes in a travel bag? I’ve used this thing so many times already and can honestly say it’s the perfect size for literally everything when you’re on the go.

It’s been a dandy little transporter for my shaving kit, cologne, toothbrushes, hair products, sunglasses, an umbrella — seriously it’s got some major Marry Poppins juju.

Anyway, what comes in the bag is even better.

You get some eucalyptus facial scrub, almond shave crème, and shine control face lotion. 

On their own they’re amazing products, but with their powers combined — they made a shave-tastic trio that left no trace on my face.

Eucalyptus Facial Scrub

Lather Products Review

This is probably one of the most versatile facial scrubs I’ve used. It works beautifully for exfoliating and getting dead skin off your face for a smoother shave, but I definitely use it a few times a week just to feel cleaner too.

Lather uses environmentally conscious ingredients, which honestly makes me both look and feel better. In the scrub they use jojoba oil and beads, milk thistle, aloe, and algae to create a natural elixir of life for your skin.

Mine has made a fine home in my shower, and has helped keep the sweat and dirt off of my face after a long day of out. The best quality about this product is just how fresh and cool your skin feels after using it. You can definitely tell there’s eucalyptus at work.

Almond Shave Crème

Lather Products Review

The first thing that jumped out at me with their shave crème was holy smokes this stuff smells delicious. I didn’t taste test it…but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it.

While the ingredients definitely prove that it isn’t edible, it does a great job in serving as a smooth shave crème that works up into a rich (dare I use the pun) lather.

The almond oil protected my skin from irritation, the razor glided easily without a hitch, and a little truly does go a long way. It also comes in a pretty large container, so it will last for quite a long time regardless of how frequently you shave.

Shine Control Face Lotion

Lather Products Review

For once, there’s a face lotion that doesn’t make me break out. Just in time too, because I was ready to give up on rehydrating at the cost of reliving my 14-year-old freshman in high school acne nightmare.

Lather uses tea tree oil, witch hazel and hops extract…yes hops, like the deliciousness used to brew beer, to keep pores smaller, cleaner, and less oily.

It smells great and doubles really well with their eucalyptus cleanser. I kind of treated those two like Guinea pigs. Like you can’t just get one, you have to buy two together so that they’re not sad and lonely and they just work better together…you get the picture.

For Those Who Need to Keep the Beard

Lather Products Review

They definitely threw in a little treat that I got to try, which is perfect for my fellow beardsmen out there. Lather has a mandarin sage shave and beard oil that was absolutely phenomenal for both beard and skin health.

It doesn’t actually come in the shave kit, but it’s affordable and made my beard feel softer and easier to tame. RIP.

The Verdict

I truly loved every product that I got to try out. Lather considers natural remedies when selecting their environmentally friendly ingredients, which definitely shows by how you feel after using their products.

You really can’t go wrong in what you select. They’re a good company with solid beliefs and an eye for what’s good for your skin. 

Just don’t taste test anything no matter how delicious it smells.

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Lather Products Review