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Jack Henry: Face Toner That Smells and Feels So Good

Tis the season to keep our faces nice and hydrated with the frigid weather upon us. Every season I try tons of new toners in search of winters drying Cryponite and I recently found myself gravitating these past couple of weeks towards Jack Henrys, an all organic US brand that targets mens hair, face, and body.

In a skincare world full of so many different face toners it can be hard to find the perfect one that covers exactly what you need and does exactly what it says. Jack Henry’s Face Toner not only leaves my face with an even matte finished, but with hints of blood orange and lavender in the ingredients and free of alcohol this facial toner gives off a fresh clean scent that refreshes and vitalizes but doesn’t overcloud the toners true hydrating talents.

Jack Henry

It helps that not only is this product good but the packaging and bottle are very aesthetically pleasing and well done. It fit in perfectly in my skincare cabinet full of various products I give homage to for the current state of my skin.

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I spray directly onto my face and pat evening after washing my face. Immediately I feel the effects of the product and my skin feels more hydrated and softer after a nights sleep. I tend to use the toner at night post shower as well. After a long day it’s nice to feel my skin refreshed and soft.

Jack Henry

Another element that has me saying “YES” to Jack Henry, is its Witchhazel component. Having Witchhazel in the ingredients allows the toner to act as a two in one cleanser. Although I do use a seperate deep cleanser in the morning and at night this is a good “pre” cleanser to cleanse off the surface.

Living in New York and having a constant busy schedule, I am always looking for products that help me cut down time in my daily routines without sacrificing quality and Jack Henry’s Face toner definitely does that.