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How to Use Pore Minimizer Cream Properly

How to Use Pore Minimizer Cream Properly

Let’s find out how to use pore minimizer the right way and what benefits it brings. To keep your skin smooth without Botox, minimize your intake of sugar and dairy products. Instead pile up your plate with legumes, vegetables, and olive oil.

A pore minimizer is a product that you use to shrink and diminish the size of your pores so that it is not as noticeable. People suffer from many different sizes of pores but the bigger the pore, the quicker it is to fill that pore up with bacteria and dirt.

A clogged pore happens to everyone and it is not something to be embarrassed about. We are lucky enough to lie in a time whereby we have access to products that can help reduce the size of pores and make us more confident within our skins.

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Figuring out how to use pore minimizers and applying these correctly will help clear out your pores so that the dirt and bacteria are gone which will allow your pores to go back to its normal small size.

You need to keep in mind that your pores will not shrink within days. Most products state that it can take a couple of weeks before you start to get the results that you desire. Be patient. I promise it is worth the wait!

What Causes Pores to Enlarge?


Makeup is a silent pore clogger that makes the biggest mess! The more makeup you apply to your skin, the more difficult it is to remove it completely from your skin. We all have those nights where we get home late and do not feel like taking our makeup off.

This is detrimental to our skin as the foundation gets comfortable in our pores and creates blackheads. You need to make sure that you wash your makeup off thoroughly every single day.

Overactive Sweat and Sebaceous Glands

This is a factor that we cannot always control. When there are too much oil and sweat on the surface of our skin, the substances tend to hide out in our pores which enlarge them and can end up creating pimples and breakouts.

Learning how to use pore minimizing products and taking action can help control the excess amount of oil and sweat on the surface of the skin, however; you always need to make sure that this is not a factor of a hormone imbalance in the body.

Environmental Factors

The environment and our surroundings can play a huge role in the size of our pores. Germs and dirt are around us 24/7 and they tend to love our cozy pores. People, who are constantly exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, often suffer from enlarged pores.

People who work in the kitchen tend to suffer the most. You need to make sure that you take care of your skin and use pore-minimizing products daily to help your skin reduce the size of the pores. Take regular breaks away from the extreme temperatures to help your skin heal itself and not get over-exposed.

Exposure for too long can cause long-term damage. Always remember to wear an SPF on your skin every single day, even if the sun is not shining, the UV rays are still there.

Skin Disorders

Certain skin disorders have been known to cause enlarged pores such as Psoriasis, Acne, Rosacea and more. If you are suffering from a skin disorder and want to reduce the size of your pores, please check with your dermatologist or doctor if the products you are using will not interfere with the treatment for your current condition or disorder.

Why Use a Pore Minimizer?

People who have enlarged pores often feel like they want to hide their skin from the world. This often affects your self-esteem in a negative way. After a while, you realize that you can cover the condition with make-up and in the end, this will make your pores look worse, not better.

Using a pore minimizer will reduce the chances of you getting acne. Experts say that one of the best ways to clear your skin and to keep it clear and clean is with the use of pore minimizers daily. Knowing how to use pore minimizers correctly will promote a healthier-looking skin that you will not feel ashamed of! Some of the pore minimizing products say that they prevent the production of blackheads.

How to Use Pore Minimizer

Pore minimizers help clear your pores and tighten them. We all know the saying, ‘everything in moderation. This applies to your application of pore minimizers.

Most products will tell you that it is safe to use every single day. This part is true, however, not every single skincare product you put on your skin should be pore minimizing. Make sure to use the products as instructed because some product houses advise you to use their products in a different way compared to the conventional skincare routine.

“Sun protection doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive — it needs to be consistent…”
– Hillary Fogelson

Products For Your Skincare Routine

Your Toner

The purpose of a toner is to tighten the pores once they have been opened from the cleanser. This product should be pore-minimizing because that is what it is designed for.


This product not only is clearing out your skin by exfoliating it but it is also clearing out your skin because of the active ingredients.

Your Day Cream

This will help tighten your pores throughout the day. The dirt that gets trapped in our pores is often floating around us during the day, therefore, a slow realization of the active ingredients will help your skin throughout the day.