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How Do Oil Free Moisturizers Work

How Do Oil Free Moisturizers Work

Moisturisers are one of the most important elements of any skincare routine regardless of your skin type. People who suffer with oily skin often do not want to add more oil into the mix.

There are a lot of skincare products out there that do not contain oil in them and yet they keep your skin hydrated and soft. Let’s find out how do oil free moisturisers work.Apart from genetics, other factors — such as your daily activity, hot environments, or your hormonal stage in life — can exacerbate oily skin.

How do oil free moisturisers work?

The reason most moisturisers contain oils is that they help the skin retain the moisture and stay hydrated for long periods of time. The oils are essential in helping the skin create a barrier that lock in the moisture.

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People who suffer with oily skin do not need excess oil on their skin however; they still need the moisture to stay in the skin. Oil free moisturisers were born so that everyone can have healthy, hydrated skin.

Oil free products also help lock in moisture in the skin. The only difference is, instead of using oil they use other ingredients called Humectants. These ingredients help the skin to lock in moisture after the product has been applied to the skin. Skincare brands often use Silicone or Hydrogenated Polyisobutene.

The best products will contain a substance called Hygroscopic. They have been found to help the skin lock in moisture without adding more oil. It is a win win for everyone!


Can people with Acne use these products?

People who suffer with acne are often too scared to put any products on their skin as they believe it is going to make it look worse.

You need to have a skincare routine that is best suited for your Acne grade. Oil free products in general are best suited for Acne prone skin and during breakout season.

Skincare products are designed to help the skin not damage the skin. You need to keep this in mind the next time you are scared to put your cream on or wash your face.

Oil free moisturisers are the best place to start. Your skin will start to get used to having products on as well as help your skin to control oil production. Oil free products do not put an excess amount of oil onto the skin. You will not get an oily finish on your skin nor will your skin feel slippery.

Use t he oil free moisturiser for about 2 weeks before you start to add other oil free products into your skincare routine. It might feel weird at first applying a product that should feel oily on the skin but you will get used to it.

If you have severe Acne, please check with your Dermatologist before using any products that have not been prescribed.

Can people with dry skin use these products?

People often believe that skincare products can only be used by one specific skin type and it will not work for other skin types. This myth is not true!

Even though some products might work better for other skin types, does not mean that a dry skin cannot use an oil free moisturiser. As a skincare therapist, I often ask my client what kind of product they like on their skin. More often than not, people do not like a heavy product on their skin and they are always nervous of their skin looking oily.

In summer it is nice to use an oil free moisturiser as your day moisturiser no matter what your skin type is. It is light on the skin and does not feel like it is going to suffocate your skin and cause you to be uncomfortable.

People who suffer with sever dry skin, should use an oil based product as it is thicker and can keep the skin hydrated for longer. Once the skin is not as dry, you can swap your day cream for an oil free day cream.

Skin reactions are not common when it comes to Oil free products and Moisturisers however, they can happen. If your skin starts to get red, itchy or irritated, you need to stop using the product straight away, wash your face with cold water and dry off with a clean towel.

Allow your skin to calm down before applying any products to the skin. This includes make-up as well.

How to choose the best oil free moisturiser?

Have a look on the ingredient list and make sure that it does not contain any oil substances.
Make sure that the product contains Hygroscopic.

Have a look if the range offers specific products for your skin type.

Try stay away from products that contain fragrances. Often the smell is given to a product by the use of an essential oil. This can irritate your skin and can also cause a break out.

How to apply oil free moisturiser

The best oil free moisturizer is applied to the skin the same way any other skincare cream. Please do not forget your neck area and don’t forget to apply an SPF after.

Any skincare product cannot cure the skin. They can help control the condition or disorder as well as help your skin to treat itself by activating the special cells that can heal the skin. if any skincare product promises you that after using this for 2 weeks, your skin will be oil free and glowing, they are pulling their own chain a bit too much.“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”
– Sophia Loren


Your skin takes 28 days to make new skin cells. This means that it can take no less than 28 days for you to start to see results. If you are not sure about a specific brand, search for it and read up about the product and what people say after using it. Your skin is precious and should be taken care of.

Now when you know how do oil free moisturisers you need to find an option that works for you and your skin. A little bit of home work can go a long way.