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Essential Products by NYC’s Leading Dermatologist, Dr. Neal Schultz

“I’ve been practicing dermatology for over 35 years, so skincare is second nature to me.  My job is to help my patients look AND feel better in their own skin.  While the majority of my practice is dedicated to cosmetic dermatology, I also focus quite a bit on acne and skin cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment.

When I’m not at the office treating patients, I’m in the lab working on new formulas for BeautyRx, appearing alongside our President, Stuart (who also happens to be my son) on HSN in Florida or TSC in Canada to promote BeautyRx, filming a new episode of or escaping for a long weekend with my better half Amy and our dog Lucy to my second home in Cooperstown, NY.  

When I’m there, I’m in my element — either tinkering with something in the house, flying my single-engine piper archer or going to local fairs and flea markets.

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Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz

My Personal Musts For Grooming

Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz

Edge Shaving Gel

Edge shaving gel — I shave in the shower, NOT at the sink (less chance of irritation).  This product is a bona fide bargain ($4) and helps with a completely friction-less IRRITATION FREE shave.

Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz

Arrid Extra Dry XX

I swear by Arrid Extra Dry XX aerosol antiperspirant. I love spray antiperspirants because they’re so easy to use and more importantly rarely irritate the sensitive underarm skin the way roll-on products do. Bonus: Arrid sets with virtually no residue and keeps me dry, no matter what the pressures or stress of the day ahead bring.

Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz

Arm and Hammer Extreme Whitening

For dental hygiene (a healthy smile is just as important as healthy skin), I use Arm and Hammer Extreme Whitening toothpaste; there’s no silly or sweet taste so no residue after taste.

Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz

Tarsum Shampoo

I’m lucky enough to have a full head of (albeit, white) hair (with a little help from my friend, who is the best hair transplant surgeon), so I take good care of it.  After all, your scalp is an extension of your skin, and it needs just as much TLC.  I rely on Tarsum Shampoo because it controls excess oiliness and occasional flaking and leaves my hair squeaky clean.

Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz

Ivory Bar Soap

Of course, you need a cleanser for skin, and I love simple, basic Ivory bar soap because believe it or not, I still have oily skin, and it removes my excess facial oil without over-drying or over-stripping.

Three Skincare Essentials

Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz


Why?  Exfoliation is the single most important daily treatment for more beautiful, glowing, younger and healthier-looking skin, and chemical exfoliation is superior to physical exfoliation, and glycolic is the gold standard for chemical exfoliants when formulated to be very effective and yet gentle by chemically buffering and adjusting the pH of the acid.  My personal favorites are our Essential 8% Exfoliating Serum and Advanced 10% Exfoliating Pads.

Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz

Topical Antioxidants 

Also VERY important, but for them to work properly, make sure to use them at bedtime when there’s no UV light, which destroys the antioxidant if the UV hits the skin before the antioxidant has a chance to absorb into the skin.  Topical Vitamin C has the potential to be the best topical antioxidant for skin as long as the active form of Vitamin C is fat/lipid-soluble, so look for the ester of ascorbic acid called tetrahexydecyl ascorbate as the active ingredient. I’m partial to our Triple Vitamin C Serum.

Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz


I say to my patients time and time again, why bother with anti-aging if you aren’t bothering with sunscreen?  It’s a non-negotiable essential, 365 days a year, snow, sleet or shine.  You need SPF even when it’s raining (during the day) because some harmful UV comes through the clouds with the visible light (and even if you’re not outside for long, you’re exposed during your commute or running outside to grab a quick coffee mid-day). 

I use Solar Defense Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50 daily.  It’s lightweight, actually completely sheer — you can’t feel OR see it, does not leave any telltale white residue — and provides optimal protection against both UVA and UVB and reapplies easily, which is crucial to effective sunscreen protection.

Yes, most people like a moisturizer, and I’ll reach for one when my skin needs an extra boost of hydration, but for the most part, I cleanse, tone, and apply the above products as my everyday skincare routine.  It’s a quick and efficient approach to looking your best — trust me!

Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz
Essential products by Dr. Neal Schultz

Dr. Schultz has been treating his patients’ cosmetic and medical dermatologic conditions for the past thirty years at his Upper East Side, New York City private practice. He founded to help people get the gorgeous, glowing skin they’ve always wanted.