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AXE Gold Review: Why is it a Favorite?

by Chuck Baldwin

I never thought I’d say, “I’m an AXE Man,†but after using most of the products in the new AXE Gold collection, I can honestly say I am.

4 AXE Gold products

AXE Gold Fresh Review

I thought I’d be most comfortable using the AXE Gold Fresh line, which includes a body wash, deodorant, antiperspirant, and body spray. My wife reacts quite negatively to strong perfumes and colognes I usually just wear a “fresh†or “sport†deodorant and no colognes or after-shave.

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With hints of citrus and mint, AXE Gold Fresh lives up to its name. And the fragrance was not overbearing in the slightest, for me or my wife. It was light and clean with middle notes of spice and leather.

AXE Gold

AXE Gold Review

So I was quite surprised to be completely won over by the marquee AXE Gold, with rare oud wood and dark vanilla at the heart of the scent. It feels altogether warm and luxurious. On multiple occasions, after cleansing with the body wash and wearing the deodorant and body spray, I’ve sidled up to my better half to test her nose and ask how I smell.

The first time, I was shocked. Not only did she say I smelled really good, but she also didn’t make me take another shower to wash it all off! The longer I wore it, the more thoroughly I enjoyed the experience, as the scent ages well throughout the day. It’s by far my favorite.


AXE Gold Wash & Style Instant Control Shampoo

AXE Gold has a few more products than the Gold Fresh line too, most importantly, their AXE Gold Wash & Style Instant Control Shampoo.

This shampoo had the most impact on my daily hygiene. It’s awesome. The touted Style Control Technology “infuses hair with lightweight polymers for instant light control, right out of the shower,†which sounds like a bunch of marketing BS. But I’m here to tell you, it’s true! I love this stuff and here’s why.

I technically have wavy hair, but it has to be pretty long and wild before any of the waviness really shows up (without resorting to product, that is). Normally if I wash and condition my hair and let it dry, it either comes out completely flat or completely frizzed and in no way doing what I want it to.

Those lightweight polymers must be doing something right because when I towel dry my hair now after using the AXE Gold Shampoo, it stays basically in place using just my fingers and a comb, and the waves and curls maintain their volume. Now when my hair dries there is shape to the volume, even if I don’t put anything else in my hair.


AXE Gold Hair Styling

That said, I usually come back to put something in my hair at some point, whether after it’s completely dry and I don’t like what I see, or maybe after a showerless morning. And that’s where AXE continues to deliver with AXE Styling tins of hair product.

Initially, I only tried the AXE Styling Natural Look Softening Control Clay. It has a similar effect to the shampoo: light control that looks good but doesn’t look worked over. They also have AXE Styling Urban Messy Look Matte Wax, which allows for a lot more control, but isn’t glossy and leaves an unprocessed look.

But after a barber used something similar while I was in his chair, I finally dipped my fingers into the AXE Styling Adrenaline Spiked-Up Look Extreme Hold Glue. A little goes a long way. You can do anything with your hair with this and it will stay put. It also has a natural matte finish, so you won’t have a glossy mop of product-filled hair. Instead, you’ll have natural looking hair that is messed up or configured to the exact manner you desire. Good stuff, with three levels of control to choose from.

Signature Fragrance

To round out the line, with a signature fragrance of sandalwood and bergamot, AXE Gold Original is available in antiperspirant stick and spray, with advanced wetness and odor protection for 48 hours. I just use deodorant, usually, but Gold Original offers a sophisticated alternative for those that require antiperspirant.

When I lather up with the Axe Gold body wash and shampoo in the shower and finish off my daily grooming with Axe Gold deodorant and body spray, I smell and feel fresh and confident for days. If life throws so much at me I miss a shower, all I have to do is touch up my hair with AXE Styling clay, wax, or glue. I already smell and feel great. Because I’m an AXE Man now.

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