How to Use Blackhead Mask: Ingredients and Skincare Routine

No one wants to admit that they have a blackhead problem, however; the first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem, the second is to learn how to use blackhead mask.

A blackhead is formed when a pore gets clogged with dead skin cells and unwanted waste products. This causes the little black spot on your skin that can result in forming a pimple. As fun as it can be to sit and squeeze every single blackhead, there is a much faster and efficient way to keep your blackheads under control.

A good skincare routine with the correct ingredients will help your skin to look brighter, rejuvenated and blackhead free!

There are hundreds of blackhead remover masks out there that say that they will get rid of your spots and blackheads.

During puberty, you’re more likely to develop blackheads. It’s due to the reason that during the teen years there is a significant surge of hormones generation, and these hormones, in turn, provoke your skin’s oil glands.

Question is which one do you trust?

We all have our product house which we prefer and which we feel helps the most with our skin. You just need to make sure that your product has certain ingredients to ensure that your blackheads are taken care of.


Activated charcoal

This ingredient has taken the world by storm and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Activated charcoal is high in anti-oxidants as well as helps to draw out the blackheads and impurities in our skins. This is very important because it helps our skin fight off free radicals which damage our skins such as pollution and the sun. By bringing the blackheads to the surface, it helps us exfoliate our skins easily and will leave your skin feeling soft.

Algae or a Sea Mud

These ingredients are one of my favourite in the best blackhead remover mask because I can actually feel my skin getting rid of the blackheads. The Algae and Mud are very high in minerals which boost your skin’s immune system and help your skin get rid of excess oil which causes the acne or blackheads.

These ingredients help to clean out your pores thoroughly, leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh. After using a mask that contains these powerful ingredients, you will feel like you have just stepped off the beach.

Anti-oxidants Vitamins

We all see this on a bottle and have no idea what it does! This ingredient is the power house of any Blackhead removing face mask. Reason being, our skin needs certain tools to help it fight off harmful situations in our skin. A house that has good, strong walls will stay up in a storm. This relates to our skin as well.

In order for our skin to be strong enough to withstand the force of blackheads, it needs vitamins and Anti-oxidants to help control the production of oil in our skin. By controlling oil production, we can reduce the appearance of blackheads. The less access oil we have, the blackheads due to the fact that the oil needs to go somewhere and it gets trapped in our pores with dead skin cells.

Now that we know the 3 main ingredients we need in a blackhead mask, let’s look at the other products that can help our mask have the best results.


As a skin care therapist, I cannot stress this step enough!

Exfoliation is a manual way to help your skin gets rid of unwanted dead skin cells. This will help your skin feel soft and will help your skin to grow healthier and look more vibrant. Every 28 days our skin sheds a layer and sometimes, pieces of the skin gets caught in pores.

We should be exfoliating twice a week. For people with dry skin, it is recommended that you use more of a micro-exfoliate as it is not too harsh on your sensitive skin. For oilier skins, you can use a granular exfoliate as your skin is a bit tougher so it can handle a harsher exfoliate.

I personally do not like chemical peels to exfoliate the skin because I find that it is too harsh and can cause damage to the skin in the future. Studies have shown that chemical peels make the skin grow back thicker.
Now that we know which two products go hand in hand, let’s fit it into our skincare routine.

Violet Grey once said: “In a polite society, a well-maintained skincare routine is one of the life’s great successes.”

Skincare routine

  • Cleanse the skin with a foam or cream cleanser. When you have makeup on, it is recommended to cleanse twice to ensure that the skin is completely clean.
  • Tone the skin. This is a step most people leave out. You need to tone so that you tighten the pores and reduce blackheads.
  • Exfoliate the skin as we spoke about previously.
  • Use your blackhead mask. Take a look at the recommended time to keep the mask on but normally it’s 20 minutes. You use a mask no more than twice a week to achieve maximum results.
  • Moisturise the skin to ensure it stays hydrated and keeps your skin soft. You can use a day cream in the morning and night cream at night.

A good skincare routine with a balanced diet will help you control your blackhead problem and help your skin to stay young and healthy.


Looking after your skin will help boost your self-esteem and help you to look younger for longer. Blackheads are a thing of the past. Follow the steps above and your skin will be under control in no time. Your skin is natural, so it generally responds better to natural products that to synthetic products. The world is moving away from harsh chemicals on the skin and the world is looking brighter because of it.

And what do you know about how to use blackhead mask? Let me know if comment below.

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