How to get rid of Hyperpigmentation

Your skin is made up of many different cells that keep your skin healthy as well as gives your skin your natural skin tone. One of the cells produces a substance known as Melanin. Melanin is a chemical that gives your skin color and when there is too much or too little Melanin in the skin, your skin starts to change color.

As a skin condition, hyperpigmentation ranges from small localized dark spots to large areas such as melasma in the face.

Hyperpigmentation is when there is too much Melanin in the skin. There are a few factors that can cause it:

  1. Trauma to the skin: falling and breaking the skin is an example of trauma to the skin.
  2. Exposure to the sun: Too much time in the sun will cause your skin to darken. A tan or freckles are a form of Hyperpigmentation.
  3. Chemical exposure: Exposing your skin to dangerous chemicals can cause your skin to react and cause the cells to panic.
  4. Your DNA: unfortunately, genetics and the way your cells develop can cause Hyperpigmentation. This is not common but it can happen.
  5. Hormones: Hormones play a huge role in how our bodies and cells work. Sometimes, your hormones can cause the other cells to form differently and produce too many enzymes such as Melanin.
  6. Other skin conditions: Some skin conditions when treated or not treated can result in other skin conditions forming.

It is important to keep in mind that there are many different levels of Hyperpigmentation. It can be something as simple as a few freckles on your nose during summer or can be as severe as covering your whole body with dark patches that make you ashamed of the way your skin looks. Don’t forget to use the best freckle removal cream in this case.

If you are suffering from severe cases, you need to go to a Dermatologist and seek out a treatment plan that will help train your cells to produce the right amount of Melanin.

Treatment plan

If you have a few darker spots on your body here and there, there are a few options for you that can help lighten your skin so that it looks like the rest of your skin on your body.

1. Apply Lemon juice to your skin.

Lemon juice is high in Citric Acid. The acid has the natural ability to bleach the skin. Squeeze a lemon onto some cotton wool. Apply to cotton wool onto the areas you wish to treat and wash the area after 2 minutes. You can apply this remedy twice a day until you start to notice a change in your skin. It will not take long before you start to see the skin change color.

2. Apply Apple Cider to your skin.

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent skin lightener. It will help restore the natural color of your skin before you know it. Simply mix an equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar. Apply the solution to the skin and leave on your skin for 2 minutes before washing it off the skin. Do this twice a day for a few weeks and you will enjoy the improvement that you see.

3. Apply Aloe Vera to your skin.

Aloe Vera contains a substance called Mucilaginous Polysaccharides. This chemical is able to remove dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new healthy skin cells. Apply an Aloe Vera gel to your skin before you go to sleep at night.

Leave the gel on overnight and remove in the morning with lukewarm water. Do this for about 2 weeks and you will start to see results.

Please keep in mind that these tips are all natural and use natural substances to help the skin re-grow and form healthy, undamaged skin cells. If these remedies do not help you, then you need to go to a Dermatologist and get topical creams that are stronger.

You can mix two of these remedies together but do not over do it. You do not want to cause your skin to lighten too much. Be patient, the results will happen when your skin is started to shed old cells and forming new ones.

Treatment plan for Severe Hyperpigmentation

Severe cases need to be treated by professionals who are able to find out what is happening with the skin cells and why they are forming too much Melanin in the skin.

  • A few topical creams that you will apply daily.
  • Mind chemical peels to help the skin shed quicker and force new cells to grow.
  • Regular facials to ensure that the skin is clean and well exfoliated.
  • A treatment plan to make sure that you get the best results possible.

How to avoid Hyperpigmentation

  • Limit your exposure to the sun.
  • Wear suntan lotion every time you go out in the sun. Even if there is limited sunlight, the UV rays are still there.
  • Avoid topical products that contain Retin A. This causes your skin to darken.
  • You can use medicated lotions that are over the counter. Ask your Pharmacist for the best option for your mild Hyperpigmentation condition.
“Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.”
– Zoe Saldana

Hyperpigmentation is a condition that can be treated and controlled. As nice as tan looks, it is your skin having a reaction to the sun and you are causing long term damage.

Follow your treatment carefully and use products that are as natural as possible on your skin. If your condition is getting worse, go to a dermatologist. Rather safe than sorry I always say.

Let me know about your home remedies that have helped you deal with your Hyperpigmentation or treatment plans your Dermatologist has put you on.

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