Garnier, a blend of active natural ingredients for a healthy look

Garnier is a product brand that is known all around the world. This is not a brand that needs introducing as most of us have used one of their products at least once in our lives.

Before I mention all the pros and cons of the products themselves, I feel like it is important that we know how Garnier helps the community. Garnier is committed to protecting the planet as well as helping people in need.

Garnier supports the United Nations Children’s Fund. They help children and families that are affected by emergencies. As part of the UNICEF’s SUPPORTERS, Garnier will help take care of children and families affected by the hurricanes and earthquakes in Mexico. Their aim is to help kids get back to school so that they can continue to learn and help get back into a normal routine.

Garnier pros

Garnier has recently committed to taking care of the planet. They claim that they are now environmentally responsible, and inspiring others to do the same. They use natural active ingredients and have made their packaging more eco-friendly. They have also started a recycling program which is going to help sustain the environment and keep our air clean and fresh.

One of the most obvious pros of this brand is the fact that it can be found almost anywhere in the world. This makes traveling a lot easier because if you run out, you can just go down to the local store and buy a new bottle without having to jeopardize your skincare routine.

They have such a wide range of products from hair care, skin care, hair color, men’s care and even hair styling. The products are user-friendly and deliver great results. This makes it a lot easier for someone to become loyal to the product house because there is a product for every beauty need from Garnier.

Their hair products: their color range is always up to date and the product is easy to apply and if you follow the instructions correctly, you are sure to have professional looking color. If you get some on your hands, do not worry as it washes off fairly easily. Their shampoos and conditioners smell amazing and your hair looks healthy and shiny after every wash.

Their skincare products: Garnier is a great starter kit for people who have just hit puberty. Their products are gentle enough so that it does not irritate the skin and yet it is strong enough to help fight off acne breakouts and more. As a skin care therapist, I often recommend Garnier to people who do not have a lot of money to spend on a product but still want results.

Due to the size of the company, the Garnier products are very affordable. This makes it easier for people to stick to a skincare routine and color their hair by themselves every few weeks instead of having to go get it done. Garnier also has a full men’s range which is positively result driven.

Finally, a lot of people love the fact that Garnier embraces individually and one of their latest faces of the brand is Mandy Moore. Who does not want to have skin and hair like her? Having a celebrity as a face of a beauty brand makes consumers trust the brand even more.

Garnier cons

There is a major con for me when it comes to this brand. Garnier is owned by the one and only L’Oreal which means that when it comes to testing their products, they follow the same policy of L’Oreal…

This means that Garnier is not Cruelty-free. Although the brand prides itself on the use of natural ingredients being introduced into their formulas, this does not mean that their products are not tested on animals. Garnier sells products in China and by law, they have to test their products on animals to make sure that it is safe for human skins. As an animal lover, this is a huge no-no in my books. Some countries do claim that the products being sold are not tested on animals so just have a look and see if Garnier tests in your country.

Another con is the fact that the company is so big and they have many different departments and product categories, it makes me wonder is shortcuts are made to meet the demands of the products in countries all over the world.

There is a lot of weighing up when it comes to Garnier. They are a brand that has been around for many many years and they always bring out new and improved products which means that they are always improving and making their products better for us. They help little children and their families get back on their feet which is a huge bonus in my eyes.

They also test on animals which put me off of some of their products around the world due to laws of animal testing. Overall, this brand has more pros than cons and they are affordable which as a therapist makes me happy because it means that people can look after their skin at an affordable rate. I recommend Garnier to all my clients from 13 years old and up as I really do believe in the brand.

Their hair products are also astonishing and the color lasts. I use their hair colors to dye my hair once every 3 months and that is only because my hair grows quickly. Their shampoo and conditioner keep my hair silky soft and healthy. I get a nice bounce in my hair which is always inspiriting.

If you can get your hands on their products, do yourself a favor and try them. Please keep in mind that if you have a reaction, stop using the products at once.

Let us know what you think about Garnier and which of their products you use in your everyday lives.

“Take care”- Garnier.

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